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Voodoo Doughnuts Coming to Dallas

After years of wondering if Voodoo Doughnuts would ever make its way to Dallas, the news finally came. Voodoo Doughnuts is officially coming to Dallas later this year. They'll be on Lower Greenville at 1806 Greenville Ave.

Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for their inventive and wild toppings, some of which aren't exactly vegan. However, they do have an extensive list of vegan options that are always available such as Vegan School Daze (raspberry jelly filled topped with peanut butter and a side dip of peanuts), Vegan Voodoo Doll (raspberry jelly filled topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stake), and Vegan Portland Cream (filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate).

They usually are open later hours (up to midnight on some days), which goes right along with the Lower Greenville vibe.

Stay tuned for more information about opening dates/times!

Picture of a box of vegan doughnuts from Voodoo Donuts
Picture of vegan doughnuts from Voodoo Donuts

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