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Vegan and Vegan-friendly Restaurants

Dallas Farmers Market

8 Cloves

920 S Harwood St Suite 180

Tucked in the bustling Dallas Farmers Market is 8 Cloves, a cozy spot for flavorful, plant-based Indian fare. Savor vegan dishes like their creamy Tikka Masala with cauliflower and peas in a cashew coconut curry or the Saag Rajma featuring spinach and beans in a zesty tomato gravy. Signature items include the Aloo Gobi, potatoes and cauliflower in a tomato masala, or the aromatic Biryani rice loaded with vegetables. With its lively ambience and array of boldly flavored vegan Indian cuisine, 8 Cloves is a perfect place to experience richness without animal products.


BellaTrinos Pizzeria and Cucina

920 S Harwood St #120


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