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Vegan Meetup at Martin House with Food from Mariachi's Dine-In

Join us for a meetup at Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth, where we will drink some tasty beers and try out the vegan options from Mariachi’s Dine-In!

Mariachi’s has quickly become a favorite of the DFW vegan community, serving veg-friendly street tacos, quesadillas, elote, and more!

Martin House is one of the premier breweries in the Metroplex, with popular beers like The Salty Lady, The Imperial Texan, and Bockslider. And Mariachi’s is conveniently located right across the street!

We’ll meet at Martin House, where beers are available for purchase by the glass, and order food from Mariachi’s to have delivered to the brewery. All items are for individual purchase, but we’ll be together as a group to enjoy great drinks, food, and veg*n company!

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