2020 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit this year than by supporting local Dallas-Fort Worth area vegan small businesses with your gift purchases! You can treat your friends and family to delicious plant-based treats, cruelty-free self-care products and services, gift cards for local vegan restaurants, and so much more. Some of these businesses even ship nationwide! Check out our list of gift ideas below, and click or tap More Info to learn more about these products and how you can order them. Happy Holidays!

5am Drip

Fort Worth

Gift Card

Kristy Jarvis Art


Christmas Decor

Blümberry Co.

Dallas Pickup

Custom Strawberry Order


Multiple Locations

Wreath Cake

El Palote Panaderia

Goldbelly Kit

Fineapple Vegan

Liquid Gold

Good Earth Cheese

Cheese Delivery

Head Case Hair Studio

Gift Card

Jai Meals


Gift Card

Juice Junkies

Multiple Locations

Gift Card

Kendra's Kreations

Fort Worth

Spiced Apple Butter

Ledbetter Skincare

Customized Facial

Mashup Market

Gift Basket

Mineral Eats

Yuletide Meal

Nailed Up By Vero


Press-On Kit

Plant Based Grocery


Holiday Treats


Gift Card

Shoals Sound & Service


Gift Card

SNOW on the ROX


Cocoa Bombs

Spiral Diner

Multiple Locations

Gift Card

Sweet Gilly's Vegan

Flower Mound

Holiday Treats

Tiff's Vegan Kitchen

Christmas Feast

Tra-C's Vegan Sweets

Cookie Delivery

Vegan Vibrationz

Holidaze 3-Course Dinner

The Wild Flour


Seasonal Cookies

All Y'alls Foods

Plant-Based Jerky

Bam's Vegan

eBook Bundle

Christy Robinson Design


Snow Globe Ornament

Cynthia Brinson Pottery


Ceramic Goods

Evolved Meals

Pickup and Delivery

Gift Card

Follow The White Rabbit


Vegan Donuts

Good Green

Matcha Delivery

ITSO Vegan

Grand Prairie

Gift Card

A Joy Forever Bath Body


Custom Gift Set

Kat Mendenhall Boots

Vegan Leather Accessories